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Central Standard Time UTC-6, unless noted


  • Mon. 05/27/24 Shock HIIT 8:30am 90 minutes of FIRE!

  • Wed. 05/29/24 Shock Box HIIT 8:30am 90 minutes of MORE FIRE!

LIVE Stream/Replays and SSF TV

If you miss a LIVE Stream do not see a replay on the LIVE Stream channel, we have edited and relocated the workout(s) to their appropriate channels on SSF TV (Shock , S3 , Shock Box & Shock Stations , etc.) in chronological order, with the newest workout being first.  You should be able to search by date, minus the symbols.  For example: If your workout was on 06/16/21, search the appropriate channel 061621.

For how to viewing a LIVE Stream from your phone see FAQ > Streaming > #2 

*** The Self Defense video has been completed.  If you have made this purchase, you will have access to the page.  So sorry for the delay!  Shellie has made a video explaining the complications.  Please email us if you have any issues.  You may need to refresh your browser to view it.  Enjoy!

Thank you for your patience during updates of our streaming service (camera, audio, connection, etc.).  For any suggestion, feedback, or issue please email or chat via our app

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