(Central Standard Time UTC-6, unless noted)

Live Stream Schedule

Week of 07/26/21

  • Tuesday, 07/27/21 Shock HIIT: 9:30am (Grab a step)

  • Wednesday, 07/28/21 Shock HIIT: 9:30am (Grab medium dumbbells and resistance bands)

  • Thursday, 07/29/21 Shock HIIT: 8:30am (Just US!) S3 HIIT: 9:30am (Grab a heavy barbell, light and heavy Dumbbells and a step)

  • Friday, 07/30/21 Shock Station HIIT: 8:30am (Grab a single heavy dumbbell, jump rope, resistance bands and Gliders)

  • Saturday: 07/31/21 Shock HIIT 8am (Grab light dumbbells) and Shock Box HIIT 9:15am (Grab gloves, wraps and a bag)

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