Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting

6. How do I stream the videos on my big screen TV?

Please keep in mind we currently do not have dedicated apps in the APP Store, Google Play, Roku, Amazon Fire or any of the others. We have tried this route and as a small business using 3rd party vendors we found it was cost prohibative with updates, follow through, communication, etc. We find that, currently, this model works best for what we do and how we do it. There is always tomorrow and we will always be pressing forward. Below are many suggestions to help in this arena. First we recommend researching your equipments recommendations. With the advancement of technology there are many ways to skin a cat. Our recommendations: -Easiest- Hardwired: connect your device/laptop to our website via the internet browser (Chrome or Safari) and then connect your cord to your TV's HDMI input. There are newer cords/adaptors out there (for example USB-C to HDMI) and Amazon has plenty of them. Please make sure your equipment is compatible. Next suggestion (please keep in mind the terminology). You are not casting your phone you are mirroring the phones screen to your TV. The type of phone you have (Android or iPhone) will also depend on how you do it. This will allow you to stream any content from your phone to your TV. What you watch on your phone, you can now watch on your TV. In order to do this you must have internet connectivity to your device and the TV (usually on the same WIFI). You can easily do the aforementioned if you have a Chromecast device (starts at $35 new, available everywhere). To set up your Chromecast device, CLICK HERE. Once you have your Chromecast setup for instructions on connecting your TV to your Android Phone, CLICK HERE. . . The easiest way to mirror your iPhone is via an Apple TV. You can also use a Chromecast device (see above) with an iPhone. Once you have connected your Chromecast device to your TV, now go to your iPhone. You will need to download an APP to connect to your Chromecast to your iPhone. There are several Apps out there, one we recommend is THIS APP. . For instruction on connecting an iPhone to Chromecast, CLICK HERE. . . . A great resource is to search your device online. You Tube has a bazzillion walk thru videos on this topic. And feel free to reach out to us for any additional help. . . . If you have any suggestions or have found something that works better for you, please let us know at so we can pass it along to the community.

1. Do you have a Mobile App/Mobile Browser for Streaming? (different than below app)

Please follow these instructions from your Device: Android 1. Open Chrome Mobile Browser. 2. Go to our website: 3. Tap the Chrome menu button ( 3 dots, top right). 4. Tap Add to Home Screen. 5. Done. App is now on your mobile homescreen. iOS 1. On your iPhone, open Safari Mobile Browser. 2. Go to our website: 3. Tap the Safari share icon. 4. Tap Add to Home Screen. 5. Done. App is now on your mobile homescreen.

10. Why do I need to register/create a free account?

Please create a new account by clicking on any page that requests you to log in and register for free. By registering it will then connect any future purchases you make to your account, as well as help you manage your account. Otherwise, purchases will not connect to an account. Please keep the box checked to receive our email updates and insider deals. This is our main way of communication. You can always unsubscribe at anytime by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email we send. We will never sell or give your information away. If you want access to premium content on LIVE Stream or SSF TV pages you can purchase premium streaming content from our "Plans & Pricing" page. This platform is separate from any previous account you have had with us. We are moving all assets to this platform for more efficient control and flexibility. If you are a current member of our local fitness Studio in Franklin, TN, access to premium streaming content is included with your membership. **After you register, please email us so we can apply the premium content to your registered account.** For information regarding our current App, please see instructions located in another question on this page.

8. Why can I not see the most recent videos (just older ones)?

Make sure you are using the most recent version of Chrome or Safari on a supported operating system. Clear your browser's cache/cookies/or history (these are all the same thing, just different names for them). With the vast array of devices, we recommend searching online for How To Do This. We have some listed below. If you continue to have trouble, please reach out to us. iPad or iPod touch instructions Android instructions

9. Why can't I find a video from LIVE Stream?

If a video is missing, unless we had technical difficulties, it is because we have pulled it down to edit the raw footage and will be then uploading it to SSF TV. Keep track of the class and date. This will be consistant on any channel which you can search. There may also be technical issues that arise. If so we usually post on the Streaming page and schedule an additional workout to make up for it. The only exception is if we have a Special Event. Special Events may or may not be uploaded to SSF TV.

2. Do you have an App for booking classes at the Studio? (different than above app)

(this App will not stream videos/ see question 1 to get our Streaming App) Click here to send to your device our App on Wix to book classes, and manage your account (use SAME log in as your Shell Shock Fitness account): Then use this invite code for Shell Shock Fitness: YA4JFV

4. How do I update my credit card?

Our system is curently working on upgrading this capability. Untill then please reach out to us and we will let you know the current best way to do this. -Please email us at Thank you!

3. How do I can cancel my plan?

We have no long term contracts. All sales are final and plan policies require a 30 day notice, which helps in managing our small business. Please email to cancel from the email address associated to the account requesting cancellation. When emailing, please allow a 30 day notice for processing. We thank you for your support of our small business! If you have any issues please feel free to reach out to us via a contact form on our website or email

7. Why can I not log in, even after I have reset my password?

***** If the following does not work, please email us so we can ensure your account is connected correctly. You have used a Social Media log in (Facebook or Google), please avoid). This crosses the wires and we cannot turn it off. Please only use your Email & Password. DIY Quick Solution (or you can contact us and we will get to it as soon as we can): You must do this from a Laptop or Desktop. A mobile phone or tablet WILL NOT WORK. Go to and click Log In. Click Forgot Password. Continue with Forgot Password. 1) Enter your Email associated to your Shell Shock® Fitness Account. 2) Click Send. Go to your Email Inbox associated with your Shell Shock® Fitness Account (the one you just entered) and follow the instructions sent from to reset your password. Once you complete this, use the new password you just entered to log back into your Shell Shock® Fitness Account. In the future please only use your email and password to log in (not social media, Facebook/ Google). If you continue to experience issues, please reach out to us.

5. Can I try you out? What short term options do you have?

At the time of writing this, all our services are month to month. We may have longer options available for a better deal but there will always be short term options for you if that's how you roll. For Streaming we usually have a free trial (if not check back soon or contact us). For the Studio, If we do not have an introductory sale going on you can always buy a single class... details below... We have a Drop In rate for $30/ class. We can also apply this option toward a Studio membership. We will go back as far as the last 30 days from when you purchase a Studio Membership and apply as many Drop In classes you bought toward your membership. For example: if you purchased 3 Drop In's (1 Studio Class), totalling $90, we will apply this toward your membership. We will actually go in and just refund those purchases, so go ahead and get that membership, then give us a heads up!