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Update Sunday July 12:

Hi friends! As promised...
Family Update.
Mark continues to have symptoms and they seem to change. Yesterday he felt really good and then at the end of the day he started becoming very nauseous, had the chills and had a headache that continues today. This is a very strange virus. He remains in our room, resting. 

The boys remain well and are showing NO symptoms. Praise God!  We continue to wait for their results.  I give them lots of credit for keeping such great attitudes during a not so normal summer break. I love them to pieces. ❤️ 

Today I woke up and as the day has progressed, I do not feel well. I believe I am starting to show symptoms, but I can't say for sure. I do feel very tired and it feels as though I have been swimming all day long. Like a wheezy feeling in my chest. I also have a headache. I was originally thinking it was the stress of the situation, and perhaps it is? 
Having said that, we have decided that I should self isolate as well in order to keep our boys safe.
Therefore, until I get tested again, we will have to suspend live streaming. We thank you for understanding and hope you will continue to enjoy your replays and streaming library.
I have already called and asked to be put on the rapid test wait list. Hoping for a swift turn around with an appointment and results. 

This is all extremely difficult to navigate with children and a small business. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for our family.  Also, prayers for all who are dealing with this virus, whether they are fighting it physically, know someone who is or are on the front lines of it!!!
I know our God is bigger and in the end, we win! -Shellie 

Not on the e-list, join below!

During this strange time, we want to first thank our members, for, without them, this would not be possible.  We also want to thank all the support from around the globe for anything you may have done.  Thank you for continuing to help the small business community!!!  

Now get ready and get sweaty... GET READY TO KICK SOME!!!

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