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Njord: Genial. Hey, I'm trying to remove gnome-settings-daemon with dpkg --purge, but it's saying I can't remove it because it's a dependency of gnome-session. I can't seem to find any such dependency. How do I get rid of this properly? alt f2 and type 'xterm' jimmy51v_, so just try to remove the gnome-settings-daemon through apt-get wolter: apt-get complains about many dependancies jimmy51v_, apt-get -f install jimmy51v_, oh wait, it complains that it cannot remove gnome-settings-daemon but it can only reinstall it jimmy51v_, try to remove gnome-session wolter: dpkg --purge gnome-settings-daemon is complaining it's a dependency of gnome-session jimmy51v_, hm wolter: I'm sure I'm missing something jimmy51v_, but yeah, the error message is weird I'm an apt-get newb, so please explain any words you use that I can google later jimmy51v_, well i will try to remove gnome-session and then see what happens wolter: thanks wolter: thanks for pointing that out, I was doing something dumb wolter: It removed it, but the screen resolution still won't change jimmy51v_, ok, maybe uninstall it? sudo apt-get --purge remove gnome-settings-daemon wolter: good call wolter: That did it wolter: Now I'm trying to get rid




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